Ideal from three months onwards, this treatment is adapted by the therapist at every stage of pregnancy.

What is Pre-mummy Massage?

A pre-mummy massage is a relaxing back massage. During the massage deep conditioning oils and creams are gently applied to the stomach, and the face is cleansed and rebalanced with 15 minutes of soothing massage extending to the neck, shoulders and scalp.

To complete the treatment, the lower legs, arms, hands and feet are massaged to restore a feeling of lightness and comfort (subject to availability).

The mother's body is properly positioned and supported during the massage, using pillows and padding, ensuring comfort and safety for the mother and baby.

How Can it Help?

Pre-mummy massage is an ideal way to reduce fatigue, improve circulation, increase energy, and reduce the muscle pain and joint stiffness that often accompany the changes occurring in the body during pregnancy. It can also reduce anxiety, improve labour and reduce the swelling of joints.

Not only can massage be physically beneficial, but the human touch can be comforting and provide emotional support during pregnancy.

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